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Teeni Yogini

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Teeni Yogini is an embodied artist, performer, and yogi. She believes that sex is art - and is on a mission to relieve the shame and guilt that society has given us. She has a gift of feeling deeply, and sees both the pain and pleasures of life to be a divine gift.

Her love of Yoga and sensuality coincides with her connection to her own sexuality. For her, sexual expression isn't inspiring unless the love, presence, and authenticity is present. 



I want you to feel me, and be inspired to love yourself truly!

Body Statistics

Age: 24  ✦ Height: 5'1"

Weight: 110lbs  ✦  Measurements: 36-30-32 ✦ Dress Size: US Small ✦ Shoe Size: US 7  ✦  Bra Size: 32C

Tattoos: 5 ✦ Piercings: 5

Hair: Brown ✦  Eyes: Hazel

Turn On's

✦Sensuality ✦ Empathy ✦ Emotional and Intellectual Connection ✦ Assisted Stretching // Massage ✦ Yoga Sex Positions ✦ Femininity ✦ Vulnerability ✦ Exhibitionism ✦ Girl/Girl ✦ Guy/Guy ✦ Threeway BBG/BGG ✦ Outdoor Sex / PDA ✦


Singing ✦ Freestyle / Songwriting ✦ Dancing ✦ Contact Improv ✦ Yoga ✦ Writing ✦ Hiking ✦ Day-Dreaming ✦ Love Making


Western Astrology:

✦ Pisces Sun

✦ Virgo Moon

✦ Scorpio Rising

Human Design:

✦ Sacral Manifesting Generator

Spiritual Powers

Clairsentience ✦ Magnetic Manifestation ✦ Casting an Orb of Tranquility & Ease ✦ Communication with Plants & Animals ✦  Looking into your Soul ✦ Intuitive Touch / Reiki ✦ Erotic Seduction

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