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Starlitt is an Embodied Tantrika and Intimacy Coach. Her approach to sharing Tantra integrates philosophy and embodiment to cultivate your sexual energy and encourage your Self-expression. Her distinct way with words and understanding of energetics will give you a new outlook on yourself and how you operate in the world. From a true school girl to an erotic influencer, she is a rising-star in the realm of sacred sexuality and Tantra!

As Starlitt interprets it, the Tantra translates into radical acceptance of all that is, eliminating "good vs. bad," "right vs. wrong." Being a queen of radical surrender, she sees no need to resist those bumps along the spiritual path. Let Starlitt smooth them over for you. With her soothing words, loving presence, and captivating eros, she will guide you to the next step of self acceptance and gratitude for all that is.




Breathe with her. Meditate with her. Do yoga with her too. Every move you make with Starlitt will activate the energy centers in your body to awaken your sexual dynamo.

Starlitt dreams of healing humanity, bringing unity to the separation of people from their intuition, their own spiritual guidance. Wise beyond her years, she knows that when more people become embodied in their authentic truth, the Earth will heal.

Let Starlitt empower you in your own personal expression of the erotic. With Starlitt, there's no more shame or guilt, she will help you aim your creative Life Force toward manifesting what you truly desire in a relationship and in intimacy.








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