From Masturbation to Self Pleasure

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Let’s talk about masturbation. We have been taught to be ashamed of cultivating sexual energy with ourselves, from a very young age. The shame and guilt is buried deep in our subconscious.   Even the word “masurbate” derives from the Latin root meaning “to disturb” or “to dishonor.” Men might also use the words “jack off,” “beat the meat,” the list goes on… wow, how disempowering is that!?

Touching ourselves has become something that needs to be hidden, hurried, and often ends with a feeling of lack, unfulfillment, or feeling depleted afterwards. This type of habit stimulates guilt and shame within ourselves, as an endless cycle.

Good Fix is here to offer a whole new outlook on your desires and fantasies - that can actually benefit your well being, and your relationships, too!

We are here to extend out our erotic innocence to you, and introduce the practice of Self Pleasure.

“Self-Pleasure'' is similar to masturbation, but not the same. As we set an intentional time and space for the practice of giving ourselves pleasure, we change our reality from the ideas of this being a guilty self-sabotaging, selfish, or unhealthy act into a space for empowerment and inspiration!

Self pleasure can actually increase our vitality and balance our nervous system.  This practice will activate your body to release a number of hormones including dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, testosterone and prolactin. Self pleasure can cause you to release healthy amounts of the above hormones, which is why it can positively affect your mood and physical health.

As you repattern your minds into this healing exploration of presence with your body you can increase the cultivating sensuality and love within yourself.  Cultivating a sexual relationship with yourself is a powerful foundation to having healthy sexual relationships with others.

When we practice Self Pleasure, we are embracing our natural desires, and releasing guilt for desiring to FEEL GOOD!

It might seem like common sense, but did you are allowed to FEEL GOOD? (And, if you ask us, feeling good actually makes you feel more attractive, too).

We are here to support you in reclaiming your own pleasure, as an embodied, holistic experience. Owning your pleasure is a pathway to empowerment.

The more you practice Self Pleasure sans-the guilt, the more you feel nourished, inspired, ecstatic and blissful.

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