Refund and Cancelations Policy

Refund and Cancelation Policy

Pay Per Video Rental (PPVR)

If you are unable to view your selected film(s), please contact  We will work with you to try to solve your problem. Your exclusive and sole remedy with respect to Content for which you have paid, but that you are not able to use, and our only obligation, will be either replacement of such Content, or refund of the fee paid for such Content, which will be at our sole discretion.

Monthly Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be purchased by paying a monthly subscription fee. When you register for a Subscription, you get access to unlimited video rentals within the subscription category you have purchased. You can watch each Subscription film whenever you want, as many times as you want during the Subscription period. SUBSCRIPTIONS CANNOT BE TERMINATED BEFORE THE END OF THE PERIOD FOR WHICH YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID, AND WE WILL NOT REFUND ANY FEES THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID. Not all PPVR films may be available as Subscription films and not all Subscription films may be available as PPVR films.



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