How Can GoodFix Be Guilt Free?

Guilt is a conditioned emotion, meaning that it is learned through culture, family or religious upbringing.

Goodfix is here to help you release guilt around self pleasure and watching sex to help you become empowered by your natural desires.  In order to do this, one must have the right mindset and tools to navigate the emotions that arise.

At the foundation, this process takes compassion, vulnerability and transparency.

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There are three steps to embody the guilt-free mentality offered by Goodfix.

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    Pornography Vs. Real Life Sex

    The First Step is understanding the difference between the porn industry (which is performance based) and video content made from  ‘real life sex’ – in loving relationships. This is super important to understand why there is so much guilt around witnessing sex.  Some erotic content is acting, and other is authentic expression.   This understanding can help us discover what resonates, what doesn’t, and how to find content that inspires you.

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    Self Pleasure For Empowerment

    The Second Step is changing our relationship with 'masturbation', which we prefer to call self-pleasure. As we set intentions through our mindset to bring in healing and empowerment, we create a space to release guilt and other limiting emotions.  As we do this we begin to increase peace, joy, pleasure and vitality in our lives.  Not to mention a super juicy expanded sex life.  😉

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    Alignment With Your Partner(s)

    The third step is aligning with your current or future partner(s) so you can speak your truth and desires around watching sex ether by yourself or with your partner.  Don't worry! If you don't feel safe to share your desires with your partner, that is perfectly understandable.  This is a challenge for most people! Here at Goodfix combine adult content with an on-line coaching and Tantric Life Sex training program to help you through this process. We are here to help so you can expand into safety and confidence with your desires.  This is true empowerment and highly attractive when you own and speak your truth!

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