Witnessing Sexual Content For Your Partnerships

Step 1:  OK…  You have learned the difference between the Porn Industry and Authentic Sexual Content...   In this process you have discovered inspiring erotic content, visualized some new moves… learned how to last a little longer... and have become educated and embodied in your understanding on what can be harmful and helpful in watching sex…

Step 2: You have created an amazing self pleasure practice, and are expanding in your connection with your body, and your sexual expression…

Step 3: Talk to your current or future partner about your sexual empowerment practice.   Now what?!? The idea of sharing this practice with your partner feels like too much!  Or maybe you don't have a partner yet, and you want help finding one who wants to practice Tantric Sex and explore the Art of Sexuality with you.

Support is here.

All your desires and fantasies are allowed and honored, and what you desire, also desires you!

Well, let's get started, and ease into it.  You are accepted, and it is OK if you have resistance to sharing your truth with others! This is completely normal, society typically conditions us through our entire lives to have guilt around this... so it often takes time to release the guilt and to feel confident talking about it.  Rest assured, we have a true and tested game plan, and you have a partner at Goodfix that will guide you through your entire journey.

Ok... what's next?  We have a little more we want to talk about...

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Let’s admit it: really good sex gives us fuel and inspiration in life. Sex is where we came from.  It is the creative energy that births life, and our core primal energy.

The desire to witness others having sex is natural.  It can be fun, educational and inspirational.

Incorporating Goodfix erotic content into one's sex life is a fantastic way to spice things up in the bedroom, provided it's been discussed beforehand, and everyone involved is happy with the idea.

At GoodFix, we create sexual content showcasing our authentic relationships - and the pure pleasure and ecstasy that comes from them.  Sexual empowerment and expression is our full time 'job'!  We practice Sex as Art, as Yoga, and through the practice of Tantra we have learned to be in Flow State in our sexual expression.  This allows us to create erotic content that is authentic and fluid in a highly expressed way.

Goodfix is here to meet you where you are at in your sexual journey, to assist you in connecting with your emotions and your body at a deeper level.  We are here to first create safety, which is fundamental for you can connect with the ever expanding sexual pleasure available and allow you to share this with partner(s) so they feel safe as well!  After safety, we have found that connecting with the heart is the key to unlocking authentic and embodied sexual expansion, exponentially! This is a somatic experienced that can be learned and practiced.  As you learn how to practice, you increase your emotional intelligence and 'emotional muscles' so you can love and feel pleasure at a deeper level.  As you connect with your heart energy you can utilize sexuality as the highest form of healing, so with mindfulness we can release unconscious thoughts and emotions that limit our expression.  You will become a Sex God(dess) and be able to share this magic with your current or future partner(s).

Now, in contrast... The heart is completely neglected in the porn industry, which is why it's sexual content does not feel emotionally fulfilling!!

Back to the Good Fix.   As you connect with these energies we have just discussed, this connectivity will assist us in cultivating sexual experiences that you dream of!

So check out our content and online training programs!

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