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Guilt-Free Ingredients Contain:

Authentic Relationships

Commitment to Love

Embodied Expression

Sexual Empowerment

Playful Exploration

Erotic Inspiration

Tantric Polyamorous Models

Teeni Yogini
The Stairway To Heaven

Teeni Yogini

Daddy's Naughty Naughty


Disco Kitty
Can You Handle This?

Disco Kitty

Jonny Beyond Sins
The Prince Of Pleasure

Jonny Beyond Sins

Meet the family.  Committed to to unconditional love and friendship, our poly pod is aligned in truth and transparency to share our love and sexuality with the world.  We support each other in discovery our highest inspirations and desires.

Take a journey with us on our polyamorous travels and engagement with the world.  Explore a showcase of our fully expressed loving sexuality. Our erotic content is created with the intention for empowerment, inspiration, education, and for pleasure!

Enjoy recorded videos of nude yoga, self care & pleasure practices documenting our erotic lifestyle. We showcase Tantric sex in both one on one and group connections. Our intention is to exemplify true, authentic sexuality in its loving, pure form, so others can see what is possible.

Uncensored nude photosets are shared to challenge social constructs, defy the norms, and inspire new ways of thinking and feeling. Both our raw humanness and creative expression is showcased as a way of exploring the self and our relationship to eroticism and sexuality.

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